Chelsea’s task of defending their Premier League title is extremely tough

Chelsea emerged as the champions of the 2014-15 Premier League season in a dominating fashion as Jose Mourinho and his team collected 87 points while their nearest rivals which were Manchester City had to settle with 79 points.

During that season, Chelsea only lost 3 matches. Only 3 lost games from 38 games, this is an impressive feat for any club and it was no doubt whatsoever that Chelsea deserved to be crowned as the champions of England.

Things have taken a huge in a short period of time as the new season of the Premier League kicked off on August and Chelsea are now struggling to replicate their form of the previous season.

From the 4 initial Premier League matches, Chelsea has already sustained 2 defeats and have only managed to collect 4 points from the possible 12. It has become clear that Chelsea is not going through their best start of the season as it could be going much better.

Eden Hazard recently voiced out his opinion about what is going on in the Premier League and the Belgian attacker stated that since Chelsea are the current champions, everyone wants to take them out and defeat them as he said: “It’s difficult to play as a champion because everyone wants to beat you, everyone wants to kill you. We had a fantastic season last season. If we could do the same this season we’d be good.”

The 2015-16 season of the Premier League kicked off a little over a month ago and there is plenty of time for Chelsea and any other club which experimented an early struggle to bounce back but even if Jose Mourinho does manage to spark his team back to life it seems hard to imagine seeing them successfully defend their league title especially after the impressive start of the season that Manchester City is going through as the team of Manuel Pellegrini have won their 4 opening matches and scored 10 goals while not conceding a single goal.