Obertan Pledges To Prove His Mettle At Newcastle

Gabriel Obertan has pledged to prove his mettle at Newcastle post his exile.  The 25-year-old winger is deep into training now with the mission to win his stance back in the team.

This is something rightfully expected from a player who was earlier being tagged as an able successor to dapper Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo.

A few months back, Obertan was quite a forgotten man & was even suggested to look for new team. However, his efforts seem to have paid off- 3 months on, Newcastle chief Pardew (Alan) is pretty aware of the promising winger. Without Obertan, 4 points from games against Swansea and Leicester would have been simply one. He & 4-goals Papiss have saved their boss big time.

The Lecister match saw him scoring a 1-0 triumph – that was the first home-start for him in 2 seasons & 1st goal in Premier League in thirty-two months.

“When one spends 3-4 months without a play, he immediately starts doubting himself. At times, you extend yourself to go little bit”, remarks Obertan who was signed by Man U on his first arrival in England back in the year 2009.

“This time it’s different”, he continued. “I simply kept going. In case, people feel that you are done it is their trouble. If one believes in oneself and remembers his past achievements, it would flow your way, sometime or the other.”

Obertan has already been showered with praise once again which must be really something for him post his exile. Intelligent and popular, the player has received admiration from fans, teammates, his manager and so on. “He speaks really better English in comparison to all players here”, said one of the sources.

Talking about his lonely period, Obettan said- You get really impatient & frustrated yet you can’t put the blame on somebody else. It’s you who have deal through the troubles.”