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Robert Pires Remembered for His Arsenal Hat-Trick



One thing a footballer looks forward is to score a hat-trick. It is considered as the ultimate for any professional footballer. The Premier League, throughout its long and action-packed history, has seen some of the outstanding trebles. The ongoing season has seen eight different footballers take home the ball of the match so far. But which are the clubs that have the most number of hat-trick scorers in the entire history of the Championship? Let’s find out.

  • Arsenal

Does any of the clubs have a greater history of scoring hat-tricks in the Premier League than Arsenal? The answer is certainly no. Arsenal is just another club, besides Leicester City, to have two footballers scoring hat-tricks in the same match. Robert Pires and Jermaine Pennant will remain in the heart of the Gunners fans for scoring trebles in a 6-0 win over Southampton played in the year 2003.

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Robert Huth as the Savior of the Stokes


The former center half player Robert Huth will now start his coaching career. The manager Stefan Kuntz has appointed him in order to train the country’s most talented players. He has been made the defensive expert. The former Stoke City player had earlier stated that he did not want to be around football. He wasn’t paying attention to the games happening lately and felt quite fed up with football. After an injury, he decided to leave Stokes and the game for good. He commented on the importance of the sport in his life by saying that until he was playing the game, football was everything for him.

The Stoke City managed to direct the latest game against Blackburn Rovers towards a goalless draw at Ewood Park. The Stoke City Goalkeeper Jack Butland save a lot of goals and pulled his out of the loss. This draw saved the Stoke City from going into the bottom three while the Blackburn Rovers maintain their eighth position in the league. Adam Armstrong made his 100th appearance in the league for the Rovers and had the best chances to make his team the winner but Butland saved the day for his team.
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Huth Response to Liverpool Nightclub Attack


When there is a talk on hardman footballers, the same old names come around. A few might fancy a tangle with Stuart Pearce or Patrick Vieira while Vinnie Jones commences his career on Hollywood acting on the back of his image of a tough-guy. And, now there is another name to throw in, after the claim, the Robert Huth brushed off a cruel nightclub attack with the kind of panache one of a film character of Jones that could only be dreamt.

Footballer Jon Walters played alongside Huth the German center-back at Stoke for five years and this pair hit the town together often. However, the pair received more than what they bargained at a Christmas bash. This was the time when Huth set upon by angry thug.
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Robert Pires’ Verdict on First Season of Emery


Robert Pires, the iconic player from Arsenal strongly believes that Unai Emery is the ideal manager who will bring in success for the North Londoners. Unai Emery has come as a replacement for Arsene Wenger in the last summer and has experienced underwhelming first season taking charge of the club. Arsenal has missed out on the football of Champions League once again after it failed to finish in the position of top 4 and suffered a defeat in the Europa League final by Chelsea, the rivals.

Since the club failed to secure a place in the elite club competition of Europe, it had an effect on the transfer budget of Emery. According to the reports, the Spaniard was given £45m for making his ranks stronger during summer. However, Pires won 2 titles of Premier League during the spell with Arsenal and believes that Emery will be able to bring in good times to Arsenal. According to Pires, they have to take one step after the other. Now, Emery is the manager and he has enjoyed a great season. He says that the first season had been pretty difficult as he was being compared to Arsene Wenger and quite, unfortunately, they had lost the final match against Chelsea.
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Henrikh Mkhitaryan insists Arsenal are not focusing on the top four


Arsenal attacker Henrikh Mkhitaryan has insisted that the club are not focusing on the top four race despite securing a third successive league win. The north London side are currently occupying the fourth position in the standings but they have just a single point advantage over Manchester United, who are right behind them.

Speaking to Sky Sports, the Armenian highlighted that the team are unperturbed by the race for the Champions League positions and they are rather focusing on a game-by-game basis, he said:“We are not looking at the table at the moment because we still have lots of games to play. The most important is to be focused and to be ready for every game because we are not going to think that we are in the top four and nothing will change. We just have to keep working and trying to our best to win three points in every game.“It is not the main thing at the moment. The season is not done as we still have lots of games to play. The most important thing is to stay focused and keep winning games.”
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David Ngog began his football career at Paris St. Germain in 2001, going on to sign his first professional contract at the club in June 2006 at 16 years.

Liverpool began tracking the striker in the summer of 2007 with then-manager Rafael Benitez insisting he would like to make the Frenchman a part of his squad.

Robert Pires insists he never dived with any purpose


Robert Pires thinks that whatever Danny Mills said about him in terms of his tendency to dive on the pitch, he said that because he is angry with him at a particular penalty incident which happened many years ago when the Gunners were going head to head against Manchester City in a game of the Premiership.

Mills a couple of years back had said that Pires, even when something injurious was not done to him by an opposition player, used to fall on the pitch deliberately just to catch the referee’s attention and earn an advantage for his team and it was after watching him that many other upcoming players started to do that as well and now it has reached an extent where most of the players are doing it and it has almost become a trend especially in UK.
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Didier Deschamps heaps praise on France’s defensive duo


France head coach Didier Deschamps has lavished praised on Benjamin Pavard and Lucas Hernandez after the pair played fundamental roles during Les Bleus’ World Cup triumph. Neither Pavard nor Hernandez were guaranteed of a starting role in the lead up to the global tournament but they managed to excel after being backed by Deschamps.

Speaking to Kicker, the France boss acknowledged that the duo were able to stabilise the defence from the full-back positions and reserved special praise for Stuttgart’s Pavard, he said: “Despite their former status and some inexperience at this level, Benjamin Pavard and Lucas [Hernandez] were brilliant and stabilised the defence.
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Robert Pires has extended his offer of help for the next Arsenal manager. The Highbury legend has remained close to the club through the years and has been seeking a more official capacity in recent years.

Pires was a close ally of outgoing manager Arsene Wenger and he believes his experience would be helpful to the next manager, whoever it is. He was also in contention for the role of sporting director but Sven Mislintat got the job. He remains an ambassador of the club but believes as a former player and having worked closely to the first team he could really do a lot more.

Obertan Pledges To Prove His Mettle At Newcastle


Gabriel Obertan has pledged to prove his mettle at Newcastle post his exile.  The 25-year-old winger is deep into training now with the mission to win his stance back in the team.

This is something rightfully expected from a player who was earlier being tagged as an able successor to dapper Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo.

A few months back, Obertan was quite a forgotten man & was even suggested to look for new team. However, his efforts seem to have paid off- 3 months on, Newcastle chief Pardew (Alan) is pretty aware of the promising winger. Without Obertan, 4 points from games against Swansea and Leicester would have been simply one. He & 4-goals Papiss have saved their boss big time.

The Lecister match saw him scoring a 1-0 triumph – that was the first home-start for him in 2 seasons & 1st goal in Premier League in thirty-two months.

“When one spends 3-4 months without a play, he immediately starts doubting himself. At times, you extend yourself to go little bit”, remarks Obertan who was signed by Man U on his first arrival in England back in the year 2009.

“This time it’s different”, he continued. “I simply kept going. In case, people feel that you are done it is their trouble. If one believes in oneself and remembers his past achievements, it would flow your way, sometime or the other.”

Obertan has already been showered with praise once again which must be really something for him post his exile. Intelligent and popular, the player has received admiration from fans, teammates, his manager and so on. “He speaks really better English in comparison to all players here”, said one of the sources.

Talking about his lonely period, Obettan said- You get really impatient & frustrated yet you can’t put the blame on somebody else. It’s you who have deal through the troubles.”

Cavani’s Performance Drops For PSG


Edinson Cavani’s impressive series of performances in each season as a Napoli player lured the attention of top European clubs that were willing to go deep in their pockets and offload a huge amount of money in attempts of signing the Uruguayan attacker and this is exactly what happened as PSG splashed out €64.5 million and secured the services of the former Palermo player.

Unfortunately for PSG, things have not gone the way they wanted it to go as Cavani does not look like the same player he was back in Italy. Cavani is a constant starter for PSG but he just keep on being overshadow by the Swedish giant Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the main star of PSG is Ibrahimovic as the team is trying to be built around the Swedish forward who continues scoring break taking goals every single season meanwhile Edinson Cavani has had to settle with a place down the wings of the squad instead of his natural central position which is currently being filled by Ibrahimovic.

Cavani was the star of Napoli but now at PSG things just aren’t the same and there were even rumors about the Uruguayan player wanting to leave PSG and this has sparked a series of reports linking Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool with a move to Edinson Cavani.

According to the agent of Cavani, Annelucci said that his client is interested in making a move to the Premier League.

Anelucci revealed details concerning his client Cavani as he went on saying: “There was much interest in the player during the past six months. I can confirm that Cavani has heard proposals from Liverpool and Arsenal. He would love to play in England, but has not yet made a final decision. He is not interested in money and fame; he just wants to be happy playing football.”

PSG has a price tag of around £51million for Edinson Cavani and it would be surprising to see Arsenal offloading such a high amount of money to sign the Uruguayan attacker but Arsenal is a squad that has recently been shocking people around the world after they landed Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid for around £42.5 million.

Arsenal has never really been a club that spend insane amount of cash to sign specific players but times are changing and the Premier League side has shown that they are willing to splash out money to sign their desired targets but is Edinson Cavani really worth that much?