The former footballer Robert Pires is considered to be one of the legends that has played in the Arsenal jersey as he spent 6 years of his football career playing in the English club and managed to claim 2 Premier League titles as well as 3 FA Cups having made over 180 appearances and scoring 62 goals.

Pires was also named in the PFA Team of the year on 4 occasions and claimed the Premier League player of the month back in 2003, his number of accolades achieved represents his successful time when playing in Arsenal.

According to Arsene Wenger, Mesut Ozil has the potential on becoming the new Robert Pires and transforming himself into a club legend.

‘’I believe that he has a personality. He works quite hard. He is adapting to the physical challenges of the Premier League. He looks to me like Pires. It took a while for Pires to adapt to the physical side of the game. Once he had adapted he was absolutely amazing. He is a similar type of player.” Wenger stated.

The head coach of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger later went on comparing Pires with Ozil as he said that even Pires took time to settle and adapt playing on a different league and a different club.

Considering the £42 million that Arsenal had to pay in order to secure the services of the German midfielder from Real Madrid, there are a lot of reasons on why Wenger wants Ozil not only to improve but also to stay with the club for as long as he can and become a legend for Arsenal.

Not too long ago Jose Mourinho praised Ozil and said that the German player is the best No.10 in the world and even though Ozil has already made a significant impact and difference in Arsenal, Wenger wants him to become something much more than what he already is.

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