20 thoughts on “Robert PIRES assists compilation part 1 [HD] – christinayan

  1. Best LW in history.

    Majestic player, thanks for the video. Can’t wait for part 2.

  2. Hello. Thank you for your comment.
    the song is “Drift Mind (child who dreams mix)” by Freetempo.

  3. Hello, Maiquedi.
    Thank you for watching. surely, the song is “Drift Mind (child who dreams mix)” by Freetempo.
    thank you.

  4. hello, I’d also like to know the name of the song, if possible.
    Thank you, and congratulations for such a great compilation!

  5. Brilliant, creative, a winger who could pass, they really don’t make players like this anymore

  6. takeshi1956と申します。(ミクシィでは、シャルツ1993と名乗っています。)

  7. Thanks a lot for making and posting this christinayan01. I’m really touched after watching this video. Unbelivable skills Pires had. A true legend and because of him and those golden years now I’m a Gunner forever.

  8. Sometimes, tis hard to remember that passing was still an art before the current Barca days of Xavi and Iniesta…….Thanks for these great reminders C!

  9. Simply Sublime…….Great emotive track to use with great footage of the some wonderful passing from the ledge Pires……..Cheers for making christinayan!!

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