24 thoughts on “Robert Pires (Bobby): True Arsenal Legend

  1. I don’t just lash out that way at anyone. I just gave my opinion based on hard facts. That shithead started insulting me..

  2. Its ironic the way you speak to people on here, the language you use etc and you are calling others scum…

  3. Ronaldinhos barca only played Arsenal in the 2006 CL final; an Arsenal team without Vieira; and many of its top players past their peak. That was a far inferior Arsenal team to the invincibles, and only lost that game by a single goal with ten men . You do not appear qualified to give an opinion yourself.

  4. Henry melhor que Messi, Berkamp melhor que Iniesta,Pires melhor que Xavi,Vieira melhor que Alves!

  5. I am a 21 years old and a i have watched arsenal since 1995 and it is harder and harder to be an arsenal fan i don’t know but in every arsenal lose i look at these legends and remember the times of an arsenal team which is “invicible” :'(

  6. Back in the old days when we had class like this guy. Now we have……………Gervinho?

  7. Usted no vio jugar a los invencibles “Asenal” seguro te refieres a su paso por el villareal, yo diria que su comentario sobra…

  8. Usted no vio jugar a los invencibles “Asenal” seguro te refieres a su paso por el villareal, yo diria que su comentario sobra…

  9. I can’t help but feel a little sad after watching this video as it makes you realise how far Arsenal have fallen from grace. Our squad of players in Pires era was on a totally different planet to our current crop.

  10. Bar a would not kill this team you fucking tool. They were unbeaten for a reason. Same can be said for the new Juventus squad. Both these teams were well balanced. A well balanced team if hard to break down. Would be a very close game.

  11. ronaldinho’s barca already killed that team. You’re a blind fucking spaz. Tell me what fucking shit credentials have you got, did you play in a top division, did you intern for Jon Champion? You’re dumb and and you’re not qualified to give an opinion about anything. Go back your trailer park, I won’t b responding to scum like you.

  12. you are fucking retarded and high if you believe this Barca would “kill” that Arsenal team..this Arsenal team were better at passing..Bigger, Faster and Stronger…you are an idiot and clearly don’t watch football…

  13. nah.. the same. even Porto won the champs league back then. not because they were great. Teams are as strong as ever. That arsenal was marvelous. not as good as today’s barca. Thats the way it is.
    Also that arsenal was clearly a mistake and not the work of Wenger, shown by the fact that he has never, before or after, been able to replicate that style of play. It was the great players that made that team.
    We just need to raise our hats to both teams but today’s barca would kill that arsenal.

  14. Pires nunca ha demostrado nada más allá de los bares y clubes nocturnos. Entiendo bastante de fútbol y creo sinceramente que no ha sido nadie en este deporte. Por tanto, en mi opinión, tu video sobra. Saludos desde España.

  15. harder to win then.far more balanced and tougher teams.eve la liga was was far,far tougher t win with valencia a=winning and sevila deportivo getting close.

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