25 thoughts on “Robert Pires interview

  1. lol more than half of the team that won the world cu in 98 and euro’s in 2000 were black.

  2. Funny how he was in England for so long and he knows fuck all about the language..

  3. there goes france second best playmaker than zidane, if not better, now france only has a bunch of niggers playmaking monkey shit

  4. Pires is a galactico. He has flamboyant skills & he is a pretty-boy. The football world has not given him the recognition he deserves.

  5. he stated in an interview that he can’t speak english very well because the time he spent at arsenal he was surrounded by many french player plus his french manager.

  6. I felt the same, I think his English was poor which is kind of weird considering he was at Arsenal between 2000-2006. Still a magnificant player though, one of my all time Arsenal favourites.

  7. watch “paul fraughton skill video”, “paul watson fraughton” and others made by him

  8. He had a fallout with the stupid france coach that is Domenech…..so he quit internationally around the time of euro 2004……..4 years later another great player trezeguet does the same.

  9. arsenal need a pires type player who can dribble and score and also committed.nt like hleb the greedy n cityOphobic:P

  10. i would really appreciate it if someone can translate this!should never have dropped my french.

  11. you are right about that I miss him too but I am sure Rosicky will fill in his boots quite well!

  12. I miss Pires in arsenal..but still he did well in villareal this season..5th place not bad

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