25 thoughts on “Henry and Pires Penalty

  1. Fail.´╗┐ They are still Arsenal legends, though…unlike most of the noobs here.

  2. And no, they did not retake it and there was no goal kick there was just´╗┐ a counter attack.

  3. No what actually happened was, Pires was supposed to pass the ball across to Henry as he was running in, so He could ta the ball in, But he(Pires) compleatly mis-kicked it though the´╗┐ ball did move,well more like bobbled. The rules state that once you touch the ball once you cannot touch it again, so he was left standing there like a moron in fron of tens of thousands of fans in the stadium and the watching football world. It was and always will be the worst Penalty ever, It will never be beaten.

  4. Oh, the unbridled joy. This moment unsettled Henry’s arrogance and Pires’ ego´╗┐ so much, they left! ­čśŤ

  5. No. I think it was a freekick 2 city. Definatly not a retake the match finished 1-0 arsenal due to a penalty´╗┐ earlier scored by Robert Pires

  6. Hmm. I think football rules say´╗┐ that ball isn’t in play until it has made a full spin, which didn’t happen. So, illegal spot kick (stops when shooting), yellow card and shoot again.

    Correct me if I was wrong (with some proof of course)

  7. Haha Henry to Pires at the´╗┐ end : “Pourquoi t’as pas tir├ę ?” (why u didnt shoot ?)

  8. Any football fan worth his weight in salt knows that. What’s your point?´╗┐

  9. epic fail lala trollolllolllo…. yeh yeh´╗┐ but we still got the THREE POINTS!

  10. I think City got a free kick. There´╗┐ defiantly wasn’t a retake. this was the first match i ever went to.

  11. yeah are u sure the referee didnt make them repeat? cause it sure looks like´╗┐ he did by the players reactions

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