Aston Villa to face Bournemouth during the weekend game

Aston Villa will be without several players in the game that could see them get relegated. Players such as Alan Hutton will be suspended for this game while Ciaran Clark will face a late fitness test to determine whether he can play a part in the match.

On the other hand, Aston Villa will be able to get Gabriel Agbonlahor back in the team after he was suspended for a breach of club’s discipline.

In a difficult season for Aston Villa, they will want at least to make a double over Bournemouth. Indeed, Aston Villa won at Bournemouth on the opening day of the season and up to this date remains their only away win.

Aston Villa fans will be expecting, at least, a response this season from their team before they are officially relegated from the Premier League. They will want at least to see some qualities that will give them hope that they may make an immediate return to the Premier League. But with their current management problems, it is more likely that they may stay in the Championship for quite some time unless there is a significant change at the top.

Bournemouth, on the other hand, will be without their star striker BenikAfobe, who will be absent because of a hamstring injury. Harry Arter is also expected to be out of the team because of an Achilles injury while Adam Smith will face a late fitness test. Continue reading “Aston Villa to face Bournemouth during the weekend game”