24 thoughts on “Henry interview post Pires missed penalty incident

  1. What happened to these jokey happy days at arsenal, now its just clubs steal our players and we get ripped by the media at how much of a flop we are becoming 🙁

  2. Arsenal had a penalty, Pires was meant to take it, but Henry wanted Pires to to a Cruyff and lay the ball of for Henry from the penalty spot and for henry to shoot. But Pires got a numb leg and the ball barely moved and it got cleared haha, massive cock up, youtube it.

  3. when pires took the penalty he was supposed to pass it to the left and then henry would have ran up and (probably) scored. but, as henry said it, pires leg went numb.

  4. One of the highlights of the season…and to do it against the Arabs…priceless!!!! ROFL 🙂

  5. Pires tried to ‘pass’ it, well do such a poor shot that it goes to Henry who would tuck it away.

  6. exactly wat i thought. i hated arsenal back then but i love a cocky trick shot. nowadays he has more wrinkles on his face than my … argh nvm :O)

  7. Henry and Pires were 2 of the best players in europe at the time and you have to applaud their creativity if you a city fan then we understand your hatred.

  8. i was there that day.. the whole ground was so confused.. funny moment though!

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