Robert Pires insists he never dived with any purpose

Robert Pires thinks that whatever Danny Mills said about him in terms of his tendency to dive on the pitch, he said that because he is angry with him at a particular penalty incident which happened many years ago when the Gunners were going head to head against Manchester City in a game of the Premiership.

Mills a couple of years back had said that Pires, even when something injurious was not done to him by an opposition player, used to fall on the pitch deliberately just to catch the referee’s attention and earn an advantage for his team and it was after watching him that many other upcoming players started to do that as well and now it has reached an extent where most of the players are doing it and it has almost become a trend especially in UK.

Pires, at that time also, had completely rubbished the statements of Mills and had said that he was someone who used to play with the ball a lot. He used to try artistic things, he was a dribbler and for someone who does that on a regular basis and runs at a high speed, it’s only obvious that the body loses its balance even if there is no foul made by an opponent, but he never did that purposefully. Recently speaking in an event, Pires reiterated that he never dived with any intentions.

“I did not think I was diving.” Pires was quoted saying by PUNDIT ARENA.

“I do not have a problem with Danny Mills. I think he was upset at me because I remember we played against Manchester City and myself and Thierry Henry tried to do something new, something different.” Pires added.