24 thoughts on “Thierry Henry – Something never changes…

  1. love you henry <3 dont want him to retire ­čÖü if you see the history from when he first signed its´╗┐ amazing

  2. Henry ever and 4ever
    ­čÖé My favourite football´╗┐ player ever :=)))))

  3. wat was the soundtrack used on this´╗┐ and hav to say amazing video

  4. watching it the fucking 100th´╗┐ time i guess, and still gooseflesh and heart beating, i love thierry henry!

  5. No, what´╗┐ would you think if Ireland put France out of world cup with a handball?

  6. Henry is a fucking cheater look at the handball that´╗┐ put ireland out last world cup

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