Pires on Arsenal

Former Arsenal midfielder Robert Pires believes that Arsenal should be investing massively next season if they want to challenge for the title.

He thinks that the team is paying the price for not investing in new players during the past years and that they will need to consider their ambitions.

The French legend said that it is unfair to blame Arsene Wenger solely for this situation as the board has not been providing funds for new players. He believes that the management should rethink about their ambitions and consider giving their manager a solid backing in the transfer market.

He believes that the team needs a new defender, a world-class midfielder as well as another striker in front.

He said that a lot of the current players have failed to deliver the goods this season and they should not be surprised if the manager brings in some new players during the transfer window.

Robert Pires believes that Arsenal has also been lacking the influence of Santi Cazorla this season and he thinks that Arsene Wenger should also consider buying a long-term replacement for the Spanish midfielder.

The former Arsenal midfielder also believes that Wenger should consider signing a new striker up front that could score 20+ goals per season. Robert Pires said that Arsenal had been the most successful when they had a world class striker up front, and he believes that the manager should look for this kind of player if he wants to challenge for the title next season.

Robert Pires said that the squad is quite good at the moment, but they need some additions to turn into a team that can challenge for the title. He believes that the manager has already identified the players and it is up to the board to provide the money.