Robert Pires had a different view on it when he had the opportunity to make a choice

Normally when you have two or three offers as a Footballer and one of them is from Real Madrid, you dump the other offers in favour of that because it’s a perfect place for your aspirations.

But, Robert Pires had a different view on it when he had the opportunity to make a choice. One of the Europe’s top playmakers that he was back in the day preferred the Gunners’ outfit to that of the Whites. But, now after so many years, he is repenting the move a little bit.

It’s the failure to land the European Cup home which might be grieving the France legend, otherwise, there was no such ambition which he was not able to satisfy at the Emirates. There were enough accomplishments from the perspective of domestic soccer. The continental conquest, however, didn’t eventuate leaving it as a small remorse for him.

Revealing his feelings a fortnight ago, Pires said, “I had an approach from Madrid, but, for me to tilt towards Arsenal, it was because of Wenger ringing me up personally.”

“For the manager to make the offer to me himself; it gave me positivity and almost conveyed to me that I was going to be at the core of the club. Regarding Madrid, what I always had to consider was how much of playing time I could get. I was unsure.

“People came to me wondering how I could I refuse to be at Madrid. It was the biggest offer, but, I knew why I had done that.”

“Yes now I feel like repenting it slightly, but, that period from 2000 to 2006 was none less than a dream for each and every Gunner including me as there was hardly anything which was not triumphed.”